• Norma Betancourt
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    How do you know what your client needs after identifying who you want to target
    with your marketing if you are a new agent?
    Also, where exactly do you find this educational statistics about the farming area chosen
    that you want to send your clients? I went to Fl.realtors.com but I am not sure what
    to look for? I would appreciate clarification. Thanks.

  • orlando
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    Go to the PDF how to create content. “Content is King” https://v1.montielorganization.com/topic/3-video-3-how-to-create-content/

    For marketing strategy go to the following module where we explain in details the marketing options you have depending on your knowledge and budget. https://v1.montielorganization.com/lessons/marketing-strategy/

    The statistics you can find in the MLS “Matrix” now.

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